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Beard & Body Soap - Premium Edition

Beard & Body Soap - Premium Edition

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A soap that leaves you feeling good

A beard and body soap blends all-natural ingredients and seeds to create the masculine cleansing experience. The soap lathers well and will help to strengthen your beard hair, encourage new growth and relieve itchiness.


  • Cleans beard to remove itching, burning and irritation!
  • Makes your beard easier to comb, detangle and brush
  • Gives your beard a shiny and healthy look
  • Eliminates flaking and dry skin within the beard
  • Protects the hairs from further damage
  • Massages the skin
  • Softens the hairs
  • and MORE!


Bring the soap to a lather with warm water and begin rubbing the soap directly over the beard, hair and body.


Sodium stearate, glycerol (plant-base), sorbitol, propylene glycol, sucrose, olive oil, natural plant extracts, deionised water, fragrance


Vegan Suitable | Nuts-free | 0% Alcohol | Halal | Kosher | Animal Cruelty-free

Safety Information

We recommend that you do a small skin test on your hand before using fully as it might contain allergens to certain individuals. If irritation occurs discontinue use and consult a doctor.

If the liquid comes to contact with the eyes, it may cause congestion and feel uncomfortable. Rinse eyes thoroughly with clean water.

For external use only. Store in a cool dry place.


Will this control or eliminate "beard dandruff" or dry skin in beard?
It will help, especially if it is used with an oil and or balm. The wash is very mild and won't dry the skin and beard out like a normal shampoo or soap.

Can this be used for the hair and scalp on the head?
Yes, but we wouldn't recommend this to be used consecutively.

Will it straighten coarse, curly and wavy beards?
It will soften and relax the hairs.

Will it increase beard growth?
Not a lot as it's designed for primarily cleaning the beard.

Will this work for black men?
Yes, suitable for all types of hair and ethnicity.


Only Available to US customers