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Beard Bib Catcher For Hair Clippings

Beard Bib Catcher For Hair Clippings - Shop Bib Catcher Online 2018

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No More Mess in the Sink

The convenient, clean, and time-saving pro facial hair apron for tidier grooming sessions men make in the bathroom.


  • Catches all hair clippings
  • Installed suction cups to attach to a mirror
  • Easy flap shoot disposal
  • Non-static and waterproof
  • Comes with a cool self-packing bag

How to Use

Ensure your mirror is always clean and free from dirt or grease before starting

  1. Place the beard bib around your neck and attach the neck straps together. Stick the suction cups to the mirror and press lightly. 
  2. Begin trimming.
  3. When you are finished, remove the suction cups and shake off your beard trimmings in the bin.
  4. Hook the beard bib on the suction cups or pack away in the self-packing bag for next time use.


37" Length x 50" Height


100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Wash by hand with warm water. Washing machine is not recommended, as some components on the apron can get damaged. Keep away from fire.


Only Available to US customers