About Us

prophet and tools about us

Our Story Began with PROPHET.. and the TOOLS Followed 

So many people around the world are familiar with our first product, the beard oil and comb set which was created back in 2015 and rocketed to success in just one year by simply fixing a problem in the beard care market.

After establishing our brand as the reliable and premium choice, we have had customers from every edge of the world seeking our beard-care products and having tremendous results while recommending us to their friends and families!

And the Saga Continues!

Today, we have managed to rapidly expand from USA to stores all over the world, including the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and a few Middle-Eastern countries. In fact, if we are being honest we are having a bit of trouble staying in stock!

Our Mission for the Future

Our main mission and core values are the only things that have remained constant since the very first day we got started.

To create more products for our terrific customers while treating every single customer as an integral part and an extension of the community we have created to this day!

Thank you for Choosing us and Trusting in our Core Values of Quality, Innovation & Customer Satisfaction!