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So, I bought this item as a birthday gift for myself to treat my rather magnificent beard. I recently turned 17 and it seemed to be a perfect solution to my dry beard and itchiness, so why the heck not? The oil itself is a massive help in order to keep my beard healthy-looking and moisturised, and doesn't particularly have a strong aroma. It's kind of a woody or nutty scent and not overpowering in the least, personally that's a bonus since it does what it's meant to do without the constant whiff of perfume or other stuff going into your nose! Travis. H


The best beard oil by a country mile, why anyone would want perfume smells in their beard are making a mistake, the chemicals or green approved natural products all do the same thing and that's to give you the worst beard itch possible. This oil avoids that by not putting in a scent and not tinting the oil, it's clear and doesn't stain your beard, that's a big deal with a white beard. The comb is actually really good and very well made. A brilliant product and easily a 5/5.. Rachel. A


I bought this for my partner for Christmas, he loves his beard more than life itself and what better way to show it? I was so pleased with how quickly this came and the fact it was a gift was kept secret by discreet packaging. It's not a fragrant beard oil which is nice as it doesn't battle to smell nice with aftershave. The other half likes this beard oil and he especially likes the comb it comes with.... All in all, a very good device reviewed by a beard widow. But a happy partner with his wee wooden comb! Thanks!.. John. G