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Group of bearded men
Group of bearded men

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It’s not just about sourcing and delivering some of the best beard growth and grooming products on the market. When you purchase our products, you’re immediately part of a community dedicated to promoting great beards. We’ve helped grow and groom nearly a million beards and we’re just getting started.


Don't grow it alone

We’re here for you whether you’re just starting out with your first beard or you’re a bearded pro who wants to maintain a great look. First time with a beard? What products will help get you through that initial “itchy phase”? How can you groom your beard for the look you’re looking to sport? We’ll help you keep your beard looking its best with the best advice and the best, natural beard care products, supplied here in the USA.


What's new?

Prophet and Tools was started by one unique gentlemen who was passionate about beards and he’s been working hard to make an already great brand and create an even better experience for members at our Online Store. We’ve launched new products (with more on the way), a new website that gives you the power and control you want to schedule your beard care shipment when and where you want it. We’ve also added a 7 day Live Chat for anybody who has a query about their beard or our products.


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Thanks for taking the time to visit. We hope you’ll share your thoughts and feedback on the new website and our company offerings. Your feedback is critical because at the end of the day, we’re here for you. And if you’re visiting here for the first time and are curious about how you’d look with a beard, this is a great place to start.