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The Ultimatum Curved Beard Scissors - High Carbon Steel

The Ultimatum Curved Beard Scissors - Best Curved Beard Scissors 2018

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Snip away the facial hairs that's making your face look messy

The sharpest and sleekest scissors built with a curve to make trimming and shaping up the beard in style quick and easily.


  • Super sharp blades for beards and hair
  • Great for making a V or boxed shaped beard or many other styles
  • Built-in Curve makes angling and precision easier
  • Comes with rubber rings for comfort
  • Long lasting and durable


6" scissors


Polished Carbon Steel


    I'm left handed. Will these still work for me?
    Yes! Works great for left or right handed!

    Can I use the scissors for my hair?
    Our scissors is exclusively made for beards, but it can certainly be used for the hair.

    What are the rubber rings for?
    The rubber rings are used to make holding the scissors comfortable. Most barbers prefer them without so our rubber rings are easily removable.


    Only Available to US customers