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The Straight Edge Razor with 3x Double Edge Blades Included

The Straight Edge Razor with 3x Double Edge Blades - Best Edge Razor

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Get skilful at making sharp beard and jaw lines

Get closer than ever to the facial hairs by creating the cleanest straight or curved beard lines that will bring out your facial features. Create unique styles, designs and remove any unwanted hairs for a well groomed appearance.


  • Extremely sharp for a close shave
  • Comes with 3 Double Edge Razor Blades
  • Great for creating straight lines and curves
  • Built in latch for secure blade locking
  • Long lasting and durable

How to Use

  1. Take a blade included in the box and do not remove the wrapping papers. Carefully bend the blade length-wise until the blade snaps in half.
  2. Open the razor by lifting the nine cover opening the holder and carefully insert one half of the blade with the blade sitting on the pins.
  3. Close the holder back over the blade and press the cover over firmly. Your razor blade should now be ready to use.


This razor uses standard safety razor double edge blades. The blades need to be snapped in half before inserting into the razor holder.


14.7cm Width x 1cm Height


Black and Brown infused Acetate Plastic and Steel Blades


Razor blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care and precaution. We cannot accept responsibility for any injury sustained.


    Can I use this on my head?
    We are certain that you can, but we would strongly recommend against it. You may cut yourself when shaving the parts of your head you cannot see. Either have someone else do it for you or stick with a safety razor.

    I'm a beginner, would this be a good choice?
    We wouldn't generally recommend this for beginners, but every beginner has to start somewhere! Take it nice and slow, and you will be all right! The results will be worth it!

    What blades would I need for this Straight Edge Razor?
    Single or double-edge blades. If you have purchased double edge blades, please be sure to be extremely careful and read the appropriate guides on how to assemble it into the razor.

    Do I need to sharpen the blades?
    No. Sharpening the blades would be a hassle and this Straight Edge Razor does not require it. You will need to replenish more razor blades when you run out.


    Only Available to US customers