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Beard Brush Made with Dark Horse Hairs

Beard Brush Made with Dark Horse Hairs - Buy Beard Brush Online 2018

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The most essential grooming accessory

The ultimate beard brush made with the finest of dark horse hairs, thickly packed with bristles for a full beard coverage can now keep your beard and mustache in top condition.


  • Untangles and straightens unruly beards
  • Rough on the beard, gentle to the skin
  • Removes beard-flakes
  • Massages and stimulates more beard growth
  • Fuller bristles than most brushes
  • Rubber coated for a softer grip
  • Long lasting and durable

How to use

Brush in an up and down motion. Applying beard oil prior to brushing will help smoothen out the beard oil into the hairs and skin.


4.5" Length x 2.1" Width x 1.2" Height


  • Peach wood
  • Rubber oil
  • 100% Natural horse hair bristles


Can I use this on my head?
Sure can! You can use our Beard Brush for the hair on your head.

Can I use the beard brush with beard oil or beard balm?
Yes, it most certainly is suitable for use with our Beard Balm and Beard Oil. If using with the balm, first apply with your fingers, wash your hands, then use the brush to smooth and work into your beard. With the oil, apply with the dropper and work in with the brush.

How hard are the bristles on the brush?
They are slightly softer and skin-friendly enough to serve the purpose of detangling and straightening curly, wavy and out of control beards compared to the hard and rough boar bristled beard brushes.


Only Available to US customers