How To Fix A Patchy Beard

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

There’s nothing worse than deciding to grow a beard and finding that you look like you’ve just been mauled by a lawnmower. It’s like going to school and all the kids have light-up fidget spinners, but you’re hidden away in a dark corner playing conkers with yourself because the corner shop had sold out.

But patches don’t have to be the end of your exploration into facial hair, as there are loads of options to consider before reaching for the razor and going back to having a baby face. Here are those alternatives…

Let It Grow Out

Be patient, a full beard will not grow in the space of a week. See how far your beard will grow before trimming any of it, because after a month you may find that those patches will have disappeared with other parts of your beard covering them.

Comb It

If your patches are only slight in places, try combing your facial hair that is growing in the direction of the gaps to cover them up and to promote more hair growing in that direction. But make sure you buy your own beard comb (yes, they’re a thing), because using your partner’s hair brush to sweep bits of crumbs out your face forest is gross.

Go To The Gym

High levels of testosterone have been proven to prime your follicles for the growth of thicker beard hair. A good way to get that sweet, sweet hormone increase? Getting absolutely jacked, bro.

Shave It Down

If your beard definitely isn’t growing, shave the longest part of your beard down to the shortest and live your best stubble life.

Find A New Style

You might not be able to grow a full beard, but what about the magnum? The moustache? The goatee? Work with what you have. Unless what you have is mutton chops.


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